Types of Property Liens

Mortgages are common types of property liens. These are formal judgments placed on homes to limit what owners can do with it until the total mortgage debts are fully paid. One can sell a home that is mortgaged - as long as it has been paid in full before its title is reassigned to the new owner. Now, if the owner failed to pay the mortgage lender according to the loan agreement, the lender may then utilize the lien to reclaim the house and sell it to the open market, or on an auction to recoup the losses. This is just one way people earn money with tax liens.

Here are some other property liens aside from mortgages:

Property Tax Lien

All properties in the United States are assessed for their value and are taxed on that evaluated worth to aid the local government pay for the community services. Now when a taxpayer is not able to pay for their tax debts, the taxing authority then has the legal right to place a lien on the specific property and can then sell the tax lien certificate at a public auction.

Mechanic's Lien

Householders and businesses who hire contractors to handle the construction projects must take caution that the general contractor pays all the subcontractors who worked on the project. Now when a subcontractor goes unpaid for his work, he can file a mechanic's lien on the property so as to ensure payment in the future.

Mechanic's liens were constituted as a way to protect laborers from losing income because of dishonest investors and contractors. Homeowners doing remodeling on their property need to be clear on their payment responsibilities.

Business and Finance Taxes

No business owner would want to miss out on payment responsibilities. To avoid such things to happen, it is important to choose a business and accounting firm that will meet your tax and accounting needs.

Tax Lien Certificates

Tax lien certificates are liens placed on properties and sold at auctions. If the property owner pays the lien certificate owner his debt due along with the interest in a specific period of time, he may retain the ownership. And if he fails to pay the debt on the deadline, the deed will then be reassigned to the lien certificate holder.


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