State Tax Liens Information

State tax liens are considered to be one of the safest investment methods in the country today since the states and counties control the procedure and sales.

The following examples are states wherein investing in state tax liens can prove to result in high profits:

  1. State tax lien certificates usually pay an annual return of 36% in Illinois and if the tax liens got redeemed ahead of time, expect the annual return to be as high as 216%!
  2. In Indiana, state tax liens pay about 15% yearly with 120% if paid early.
  3. Florida also has a high return on their tax lien investments with an average of 18% and 61% for ahead of time payoffs.


There are also a few states that offer added bonuses called rights of redemption that will guarantee investors flat fees no matter when the owner of the property will redeem the lien. Take these for examples:

  1. The redemption fee is 20% in Georgia if it is redeemed in the 1st year. If the lien has been redeemed within a month, the annual interest rate will jump to 240%!
  2. Texas also has a redemption fee of 25% for the properties that are redeemed within 6 months. If the property owner pays off within the 1st month, the investor will have a 300% profit.


So for those investors with knowledge, skill, and the money, state tax lien investments can bring about thousands in profits with every purchase.

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